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Original unique painting.


Mixed media with deep texture detail.

Artist: Alena Shymchonak; 2024

3D cotton canvas on a wooden frame.

Size: 50X 70cm.

The edges are painted and it has a 3.6 cm depth.

Sold with certificate of Authentisity.

Shipping and return

Your order will be prepared within 5 business days, and you will receive a track number by E- email.

We pack the paintings securely in layers of bubble wrap and in a reinforced cardboard box.

The box must have stickers "FRAGILE".

* We make worlwide delivery via UPS Standart or Fedex.

* Shipping costs applicable to your country will be calculated automatically

* Customs fees are not included in a cost of the painting.

* Buyer pays for customs duties and taxes depending on the tariffs your country

Wonderful winter day

977,00 €Price
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